About Us

Welcome to VITAL! We design our gyms to become your second home - giving members 24 hour access, letting you choose the music, and making most things available on the honor system. You will find that the community here is kind and helpful no matter your skill level. We know that you will fit into our friendly culture and before long, you'll be the one giving tips to newcomers. There is no better place to meet people, make friends, and climb together.

We are open to the Public from 11 am to 9 pm everyday, so come in during those hours to check the place out. Our locations are Bouldering-only gyms, which is one of the reasons we can be open for you 24/7. Check out our Getting Started page for more information.

What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is one of the main styles of climbing. It is done low enough to the ground that the only safety equipment needed is a pad to land on. Free from the need of specialized knowledge or equipment, Bouldering is a beautifully simple style of climbing. It is inherently the most social way to climb because friends can gather around to watch and encourage one another. It is also one of the few styles of climbing that can be done alone. Bouldering is a popular way to train for roped climbing because it allows climbers to repeatedly attempt moves which are at the limit of their skill and strength.