Carlsbad Pricing

Members have access 24/7

Membership Options: 
          $65/mo + $5 ID Card
          $650/yr + $5 ID Card

Single Day Pass: $14
5 Day Pass Punch Card: $65
10 Day Pass Punch Card: $120
Punch Cards are location specific.


We Don't Have Any:
          Sign-up Fees
          Cancellation Fees
          Contracts or Commitments




Click here to cancel your membership.
Cancel at least 5 days before scheduled automatic renewal date of your membership to avoid its billing.

          Discounts are location specific.
    Climb for free on your birthday! Please bring proof of date of birth.
          Military, Fire, and Police get $5 off a month.
          Family Discount - $5 off for each additional family member. For example, Dad's membership is $65, Mom's is $60, Daughter's is $55, etc. The same discount applies to annual memberships.


Other Membership Details:
          Monthly Memberships must be purchased with a debit or credit card - no cash or check. The Membership automatically renews each month on the same day you signed up. You may of course cancel at any time. The charge for your ID Card is a one-time fee for printing the card. Lost cards can be replaced for $5. 
Single month, not automatically renewing Memberships are available for cash/check/card for $75 + $5 ID Card.

        Your Membership will allow you to climb at any Vital Climbing Gym however your Membership must be at your 'Home Gym.' Your Home Gym is defined as the location you visit most frequently.