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Yoga Class Ratings

(Do note that our yoga classes utilize moderate to uptempo music and rhythms throughout!)

This is our yoga basics class, designed with beginners in mind. We’ve slowed down the pace a bit to allow more emphasis on proper alignment and adequate breathing. Longer posture holds will create heat and strength for overall body toning.  All levels welcome.

A vinyasa flow class set at a more vigorous pace than our V1 classes in order to create heat in the body. We open up key muscle groups preparing you for more challenging “peak” poses. All levels welcome.

A more advanced Vinyasa Flow class set at an athletic pace offering more intermediate posture variations, arm balances and inversions. Knowledge of yoga basics is recommended.

This strength and conditioning class mixes vigorous vinyasa flows, boxing and qi gong. All designed to tone and shape every muscle in the body.
Be prepared to sweat! All levels welcome.

This 60 minute class combines foam rolling along with restorative yoga poses to help release lactic acid build up and scar tissue in the muscles. Similar to a deep tissue massage, this class promises to elongate your muscles and help release any aches and pains. Perfect for any athlete! All levels welcome.

In this class expect a fun, playful practice that combines both partner acrobatics with the traditional aspects of yoga. You will build strength, balance and flexibility, but also develop trust, communication and community. We will offer both instruction and spotting into postures as well! Don’t have a partner? We can pair single attendees in the class together, or set you up with one of the instructors. All Levels Welcome, Maximum Capacity: 15

Learn to take your practice to the next level in this fun community based inversion play shop. We will discuss various techniques that will flip your practice upside down removing fear from the equation. Handstands, forearm stands, headstands and other arm balances will be broken down for you focusing specifically on proper alignment and core engagement. All levels welcome.