Carlsbad, Murrieta & Oceanside Crew


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Parker Young
Assistant Manager / Oceanside Rec. Team Coach

I climb, slackline, surf, skate, tend the soil, and when I'm not doing those things, I am reading. I strive to push my comfort zone with big waves, exposed rocks, and long trails. I am also currently studying Nutrition. I eat too many vegetables and drink my fair share of coffee. 

Luis Falero
General Manager

I have been climbing since 2009 and I've been working and routesetting at VITAL since VITAL MURR was born in 2011.  Some of the things that make me happiest are RC cars and copters, new holds, and being underwater.


Stephanie Omelich
Crew Lead

I am passionately curious about the world around me, which led me to VITAL last year. It quickly became my second home, housing my second family. The rest is history. As far as climbing goes, I'm a professional.. on an amateur level. My other hobbies include: finding new things to get into, practicing yoga, hiking, drawing, crafting jewelry, studying at CSUSM, making puns, convincing my cat to hang out with me, eating copious amounts of sandwiches, and trying to summarize.
Always learning. Always growing. No bad days.

Christian Celestino
Community Manager

I enjoy taking photos of my climbing adventures, which you can check out at I especially love eating food, with an emphasis on chocolate chip cookies.


Adam Mashouri
Oceanside Competitive Team Coach / Crew Member
I have been a member with VITAL since Carlsbad opened up in October 2010. As a youth coach, I have taken youth kids to ABS (American Boulder Series) youth nationals, as well as developed their outdoor climbing strengths to v10 bouldering and 5.13 rope climbing. You can find me out and about at the world class boulders/crags of Mt. San Jacinto and East Side Sierras. Come say hi!

Dylan Oakley
Murrieta Head Coach / Crew Lead

I started climbing here at VITAL Murrieta and I've loved it ever since. My two other most frequented hobby's are hiking and playing video games! I'm at the gym often so feel free to come say hello. I love meeting new people!

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Nicole MacRae
Murrieta Team Coach / Crew Member

I first started climbing three years ago at VITAL and fell in love right away, and I have been addicted to bouldering ever since. I love to go hiking and camping, pretty much anything outdoors! I am currently going to school to be an elementary school teacher. If I’m not climbing or at school, I’m probably sleeping, watching Netflix, eating popcorn, hiking, or at the beach!   

Lauren Harvey
Oceanside Assistant Coach / Crew Member

Friends call me Lo, but I also respond to "Hey you" and "Excuse me." I've always loved climbing trees, but I discovered in late 2015, I also enjoy climbing rocks. If you see me at the gym, give me a high-five!


Sam Palacios
Setter / Crew Member

Ayoo, call me Sam, Samuel, or Sammytown if that's what you're tryna do. I'm just some guy that's into climbing, drawing, and having a nice beer from time to time. Most of my free time is spent studying and "training". Feel free to give me a high-five!

Atrej Mak
Head Setter / Crew Member

My climbing addiction started 4 years ago at VITAL. Interesting fact: I was born in Germany. Also, I'm graduating with a degree in Physics this year!


Jesse Unitt
Setter / Crew Member

22 years old. Born in Georgia started climbing in the south at a young age with my dad than moved to Colorado! Didn't get serious about climbing until I moved to Cali when i was about 18. Climbing is my passion and I continue to climb almost everyday. Favorite spots for bouldering are Bishop and Joe's valley, Utah. I also love gardening, camping and being out in nature as much as possible.

Don Casey
Crew Member / Wall Manager

Hi my name is Don Casey,  I have been climbing for almost a year.  I grew up in Del Mar and I enjoy hiking and all sorts of outdoor activities as well as all different kinds of sports.


Susana Main
Crew Member
I became addicted to the VITAL community and climbing in 2012 after an ACL injury. Other than climbing, I love snowboarding, dirt biking, cheerleading, gymnastics, personal development, reading, being active, trying new things, making new friends, eating Cali burritos, and getting food coma from all-you-can-eat sushi. Also, I have a furbaby named Bubba. 😁

Emiko Mizushima
Crew Member

I began climbing in 2004 and, even though I don't climb nearly as often anymore, I still love being around the climbing world and treasure my spot as a member of the VITAL family. Besides working at VITAL, I am an optometrist assistant and have also recently returned to school with the aim of working in special education. My dog and adventure companion, Beaker Bunsen Billingsley, usually accompanies me at VITAL and we welcome you to come make friends with us if you see us at the gym! (:


Christine Miciano
Crew Member

I've been a part of the climbing community for 3 years and I love every bit of it! Besides climbing, I truly enjoy Netflix binging, being a foodie and craft beer connoisseur. Say 'Hi' when you see me, I'll be givin' you a huge smile and massive wave hi!!

Kelly Wyrick
Crew Member

I have been hanging around, and occasionally climbing at VITAL since 2012. I started out at VITAL Murrieta, however as I have moved more South through the years, I have found myself a regular at both Carlsbad and Oceanside, so you can say I'm quite familiar with all the SoCal locations! If I'm not at VITAL you will likely find me hanging out with my friends or dog, binge watching Netflix shows, or spending too much time patrolling all social media outlets.    


Joshua Mercado
Crew Member

Hello, my name is Joshua Mercado, Josh, or Merc is chill. I enjoy roaming around the forest or desert in search of my next climbing experience. I love plants and trees, I study Horticulture and Agriculture, and bust out some ceramics. Bio-dynamic farming is something I'm stoked on as well. Namaste, my friend. 


Bellingham Crew


Kaili Koo
General Manager


Justin Plant
Head Setter

I am a rock climber, amateur woodworker, fearful mountain biker, and owner of the cutest dog at VITAL.


Celina Meza
Assistant Coach

I've been trying to get on top of boulders (and getting the bejesus scared out of me along the way) since my first trip to Squamish in 2011. While climbing is a huge slice in the pie of my heart, I also love photography, yoga, and watching Star Trek with my husband and pup.

Ryan Wapnowski
Head Coach / Setter

In my life so far, I've been in four incredible bands (funk, hip hop, jazz, hardcore), I've climbed all over the world (India, Nepal, New Zealand, Australia, France, Spain), and I've been inspired by a great many other passions (Art, Surfing, Trail Running, Mountain Biking, Cooking).


Logan Fletcher
Crew Member

I always thought that rock climbing was some unattainable ethereal feat only suitable for the strong and fearless.  After moving to Bellingham some new friends showed me just how accessible climbing was and the rest was history.  Now I'm in love with rock climbing and the people and community wrapped up with it. 

Art Lim

I am a husband, dad, and firefighter. When I'm not chasing my kids around I also like to climb rocks! I love to travel and explore new places with my family. Can't wait to go on our next adventure!


Mel Vautaux
Crew Member/Camp Coach/Clean Queen

Bham born and bred, I love exploring our beautiful backyard. I have been backpacking and climbing since the age of 6 and am always hunting for new trails to explore. I also love to road bike, slackline, lounge in alpine lakes, and am getting stoked on mountain biking. Always down for a mountain top dance party. I advocate for lots of snacking.

Victoria Van Dusen
Crew Member/Sweet-Pea

A born and bred Washingtonian who loves mountains, chickens, coffee, oversized t-shirts, my weird friends, and of course, climbing. At any point in time you can catch me running around outside, laughing at jokes that aren't very funny, or drinking (too much) coffee. 


Jonah Durham
Setter/Ball of Goof

I grew in the Appalachian district of North Carolina, but i call Washington home. Climbing is definitely my biggest passion, other than i that i really enjoy fly fishing, road trips, learning Spanish and watching good movies. Something a lot of people don't know about me, is that I'm a highschooler. I'm currently wrapping up my senior year of high school and stoked for the coming years. #VITAL4LYFE

Matt Lubar
Setter/Crew Member/Nice Guy

I was born and raised in the hinterlands of Colorado where I honed my craft of rock wrastlin' and getting very lost in the woods. I also thoroughly enjoy skiing pow and slappin' my knee to any tune that passes my way. Come tell me a joke! 


Ian Dandridge

I have created the very paths by which you determine your worth. I have crawled through blackened tunnels during the midst of a chalk storm and escaped with my life. I have climbed routes by moonlight that others fear to speak of during the day. I have patched the holes of society, stood atop the most unstable peaks and played songs that make the minstrels weep. You may have heard of me.