Kid Climber Info

Child Safety at Vital Climbing Gym

Although bouldering is a super fun activity, the nature of the sport makes it inherently dangerous. Please review these key rules and safety notes before climbing with a child to protect both the child and our other climbers at the gym.  Thank you!



Key Safety Procedures For Children

  • It is extremely important that no one runs anywhere in the gym (on the mats as well as the hard floor). We know how fast you are and we want climbers to be able to see you!
  • For your safety, it is important not to stand or climb underneath someone that is already climbing on the walls.
  • To ensure that you are not underneath anyone on the wall, always keep your eyes up on the walls when you are walking around.
  • If you choose to follow a route, make sure that it will not cross anyone else’s path.
  • When you get to the top of the top out boulder, we ask that you do not have a dance party up there, you might bump someone off. We need everyone to head down the ladder of grey holds right away.
  • Grey top-out holds are the only holds in the gym that we ask you not to climb up because everybody is going to be coming down them.

Mat Safety

We have no ropes here, when people fall they fall all the way to the mats. We cater to people of all skill levels including professional climbers who use the gym to train. That means many climbers will be trying risky, low percentage, and unpredictable moves, causing them to fall unexpectedly. It is the responsibility of the person on the mat to avoid being fallen on.


Spot Your Child

For the safety of everyone it is extremely important that you are proactively spotting your climber while they are climbing and walking around on the mats. You will be an extra set of eyes making sure that they have a clear landing zone and, equally importantly,  that they are not walking or climbing underneath any climbers. For climbers under the age of 12 we require a 1:2 adult to child ratio on the mat. For climbers of the ages 5-6, we suggest a ratio of 1:1.


If Parent is Climbing Too

Of course we want both parents and children to get to climb, however we do require that the parent always be the spotter when the child is climbing. That means that we need you to take turns getting on the wall. 

Whenever your parent is climbing the child needs to wait and watch them from a few feet away (not underneath the route in their fall zone) until they are done before they can climb again.