Oceanside Team

Our team is a great way to introduce kids to the world of rock climbing and to help them develop into world class athletes. Climbing is a beautiful sport that you can practice your entire life. Getting involved at a young age opens doors to a lifetime of wonderful experiences. We are looking for kids who are focused on developing and improving strength, team skills, and learning the value of hard work. All skill levels are welcome.

For all skill levels, ages 10 - 18.
Practices are every Monday/Wednesday
or Tuesday/Thursdays from 4:30 to 6pm.
One Saturday practice each month at
VITAL Climbing Gym Oceanside.

Recreational Team:
$180/month (includes gym membership)
$50 one-time signup fee

Competitive Team:
$225/month (includes gym membership)
$50 one-time signup fee

$30 for drop-ins

Fees Include:
          1 competition jersey
          1 practice shirt
          Exclusive discounts on shoes and gear
          Discounted registration for all VITAL competitions


The competitive team has high requirements in terms of commitment to training. We look for youth members with motivation to improve both technically and physically, with a drive to compete at the highest level. Advanced climbing techniques, as well as plenty of conditioning, help team members stay focused and progress their long term climbing goals. Consistent attendance at practice and willingness to climb outside of main training days are mandatory.  By try-out only or approval by head coach Adam Mashouri. Email Adam@vitalclimbinggym.com for more information.

The focus of the recreational team is oriented in proper ethics, techniques, and warm ups for rock climbing. The main goal is to facilitate excitement and motivation to improve climbing specific strengths and rock climbing longevity with attention to injury prevention and proper technique from a coach. Practices are concentrated on having fun with rock climbing specific games and movement. For additional information, email Coach Parker at Parker@vitalclimbinggym.com.

Feel free to send us an email or give us a call if you have any further interest or questions!

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