Vital Videos

Boulderham 2015

Check out the footage from the 2nd annual Boulderham competition hosted at Vital Bellingham.  It was such a great time to see all the competitors climbing strong and everyone having fun!

"RedRocks" by Tyler Gardner

Check out this sweet video of bouldering in Red Rock, Las Vegas, NV, starring Vital Murrieta members Tyler Gardner and David Ganahl, along with Carlsbad crew member Taylor Horan.  Watch them climb on the amazing sandstone, take turns filming awesome shots of each other, and send a few rad climbs including two v7's, "Bubble Butt" and "Mr. Moran".  Props to Tyler for the great editing!

"Lizard King (v8)" by Christian Celestino

This climb has been a personal long-time project of mine, and has been one of the most satisfying to send in my very short climbing career. This amazing gem was found by my friend, Kevin Sian, in Box Springs, Moreno Valley, CA, an area that we began calling the Backyard Boulders. In late 2011, he showed me this climb the very first time I bouldered outdoors, when it was still a project he called Lizard Tail. I was not even able to stick one individual move on it. 

After a couple years of visiting the climb here and there, working it on and off, Kevin finally got the first ascent in mid-2013. My psych level for the climb blew up, and I began visiting Backyard frequently, just to jump on this line. I was stuck on the last few moves for quite some time, until November of 2013, when I was consistently slapping for the last move. 

I got my very first v8 send (Angry Beaver) in Tramway, CA on December 15, and made a goal to finish Lizard King for my second v8 send before the new year. This short vid is footage of my attempts the day after Christmas, which resulted in a shredded right hand, and then the one and only attempt a day before New Years, which resulted in the second ascent. 

It has been such an awesome journey thus far, being able to track my progression off this climb. As I reach my third climbing birthday in a couple weeks, I'm looking forward to finding new projects to work on, to get haunted by, and to obsess over, but still be able to still look back and appreciate the journey, the adventures, and the people that have helped me enjoy climbing, and do what I love doing. 


"The Grubbs (v8/9)" by Christian Celestino

It's rare to for me to be so obsessed over an indoor climb, but "The Grubbs" was definitely my favorite indoor project I've ever touched.  I love climbing on and working on pinches, so this climb definitely tested and improved my pinch strength.  

This climb was set in the Murrieta gym by our very own gym manager Luis Falero.  He actually runs a climbing hold company called Signature Series Holds, and these Grubb holds are some of his awesome creations.  Check out his website at, or come into any one of our gym locations to climb on his super sick shapes!