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Oceanside Yoga Instructors


Denise Mallory
Denise has been practicing yoga for more than nine years. She has studied a variety of styles ranging from Bikram, Hatha, Power Vinyasa, and Yin. A forever student eager to continuously progress in her personal practice and as a teacher. Over the years her life has taken many twists and turns, however yoga has always been a consistent grounding point. In 2010 she studied with Robert L Hallworth in the areas of sequencing, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra.  Last year she returned home from Todos Santos, Mexico where she completed a 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course at Yandara Yoga Institute. Now back in North County San Diego, Denise has wrapped up yet another 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Tropics in Encinitas. Her goal is to share her passion and love of yoga with her students. Denise's dynamic classes are designed with athletes and surfers in mind. She focuses her sequences on strengthening and toning the entire body, while releasing tension in the shoulders, upper back and hips. She hopes to inspire her fellow yogis to dive deeper into their own personal practice, Knowing that yoga can change perspectives and breakdown the limitations we set for ourselves. Having a huge passion for nutrition and clean eating, Denise also likes to share her knowledge of health by providing healthy recipes on her blog www.pravasayoga.com.


Alex McGinness
Alex is a dedicated yogi, writer, food activist and environmentalist who ultimately wants to help change the world for the better. With a powerful yet soft personality, Alex has the ability to deeply connect with her students. She uses the foundations of yoga to create movement in the body of each of her students. Furthermore, she shares strong messages so her students deepen their awareness. Through the postures and her messages Alex encourages her students to push their limits. She deeply resonates with the yogic prayer, “Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu,” which means “May all beings be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way toward the happiness and freedom for all.” She really believes that if we all work together, we can change the world for the better. Alex's classes are a mixture of alignment based yoga and vinyasa flow. Her classes are meant to push the body past self-imposed limitations while creating a sense of inner peace within the mind.


Michele Bolanos
Michele took her very first yoga class her senior yeah in high school. Shortly after, she took a hot yoga class at Yoga Tropics in Encinitas. The heat was a little too much and didn't try yoga again up until 2013. It challenged not only her body, but mind as well. Loving how grounding and stronger yoga made her feel, she became certified to teach yoga through Yoga Alliance and received her 200 hour certification at Peace Love and Yoga in Carlsbad. Michele absolutely loves how yoga can quiet the mind and challenge the body. Her yoga classes challenge others to use the breath to transition to other poses. She believes yoga can help everyone in a positive way. When Michele is not teaching, she loves taking time to practice yoga, surf, and travel.


Jen Cortez
Jen is known for her authentic, compassionate teaching style. She applies ancient wisdom in a modern way by sharing her love of yoga as freedom and release from common aches so her students may thrive. When she was first exposed to yoga, Jen felt like many new yoginis do - challenged and unsure because she wasn’t flexible. However, she was seeking to take care of her body, overcome stiffness, and enhance her life. Jen was relieved as she learned that yoga is not about flexibility; instead, Jen found the focus of yoga is strengthening by thoughtful body placement and directed breath. She found an abundance of energy and vitality after each session and she was eventually inspired share her passion with others by teaching. Jen’s training in Vinyasa and exposure to Anahata, paired with her experience as a birth doula and nurse assistant, has heavily influenced her alignment based, playful style. Her classes are for everyday people who want to work out, heal ailments, and cultivate immediacy. Despite its challenges, there is a reverberating relaxation from yoga and a sense of peace from investing in wellness. Jen finds these benefits are always increasing - stress relief, being responsive rather than reactive, and developing the mental ability to persevere through nursing school. She looks forward to meeting you on the mat!


Chase McCarthy
Chase recently received her Yoga Alliance certification as a yoga instructor in August and has already fallen in love with teaching! She had been practicing on and off since she was 5 years old, and has recently made yoga a more dedicated practice. Being one who likes to stand out and think outside the box, Chase loves bringing in new and unorthodox ideas when it comes to teaching yoga, whether that be through her teaching style, personality, or most likely her music. Chase has a deep connection to music and incorporates different styles and genres to further enhance the mood of her class.


John Cone II
John's movement journey started in his high school years as a breakdancer(b-boy) . Upon graduation he started entering competitions and joined the brotherhood The Freak Show. Becoming apart of one of the crews that helped innovate and create a lot of the fancy one arm balances you see today, he would go on and compete/ perform internationally for over ten years. During the end of the time span would be the discovery of his true passion which is arm balancing!! Finding the mechanics and principles of yoga therapeutic and useful to his practice of arm balancing. Eager to understand as much as he could, he enrolled and completed 200hr teacher training at Mira Costa college. John's main focus now is instructing inversions and arm balancing while furthering on his own practice. 


Michael Gutierrez
Michael has always been pretty active his whole life. His background includes: Traditional gymnastics training, break dance, freerunning, and hand balancing. At a young age Michael was inspired by the circus and their performers. He was impressed by the amount of control they had over their bodies. He wanted to learn how to control his body in the same way. He began studying the different realms of mixed movement. Let Michael show you what he has learned from his years of practice with careful guidance and visual demonstration! Michael is dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. He believes in taking care of oneself through exercise and proper nutrition. His philosophy is that with hard work and dedication anyone can achieve their desired goals--no matter what shape or size.


Amanda Manfredi
Amanda is a certified AcroYoga teacher. She shares the benefits of hundreds of hours of training in both AcroYoga and Ashtanga Yoga with her students. Over several years of practicing and teaching she has cultivated positive and direct communication, enabling her students to learn quickly and feel great about the process. Amanda feels that the greatest aspect of yoga and AcroYoga is that pursuing our own personal practice equips us to support and inspire those around us. With the tools these practices give us, we are empowered to build communities based on trust, communication, and kindness. Her expertise in technique and alignment, tempered with a lighthearted sense of humor will have you working hard in a safe, healthy way and smiling all the while. 


Anna Packham
Anna is co-founder and Lead Om Officer at The Power Trippers™. She wants you to find your physical and mental best through yoga and travel, regardless of your level of fitness. In 2003, Anna discovered yoga as a fundamental physical, mental and emotional escape from her hectic life as an international special education teacher. Yoga has helped her heal recurring injuries as a runner, strengthen her mind and body, stay centered while traveling, as well as rehabilitate from two invasive surgeries. Yoga has allowed her to find a clarity absent from her other physical endeavors. Anna’s growing passion took her to countries around the world to practice and inspired her to complete certifications in Yin, 200 RYT and Sculpt. Furthermore, believing one should always be a student, she enjoys attending workshops and trainings. Anna strongly believes that yoga is for everyone so come join her sculpt class and test your limits! 


Gina Pisciotta
Gina started taking yoga classes at her local gym when she was just out of high school. She committed to taking just two classes per week for a month, and after that month, she never looked back. She continues to practice yoga regularly, and it gives her the strength and motivation to pursue her dreams and live a holistic and happy life. She completed her 200 hr. Power Yoga Teacher training in 2015, while working in the fashion industry. Her love for learning about and teaching yoga showed her that her true passion is to help others learn to tune into the mind-body connection and find healing through movement. She moved to Carlsbad soon after her training ended, and studies Kinesiology with the goal of becoming a Physical Therapist. Her yoga classes focus on tuning into the breath, creating balance and alignment in the body, and meditating on concepts from yoga philosophy.


Aaron Klein
Aaron was born into a family of Yogi's. His parents both swamis of the kriya yoga lineage, immersed him in yogic culture from birth. In his early 20's Aaron traveled to Costa Rica to study at the Nosara Yoga Institute under Don Stapleton. Now back in his hometown of Leucadia, he is excited to share the gift of Yoga. "Yoga should be fun, don't take yourself so seriously"


Niki Ryder
Niki discovered yoga in 2008 as a way to balance years of running that left her muscles feeling tight and tired.  That discovery soon turned to passion, as she realized that yoga not only balanced her physical well-being, but also her mental, emotional, and spiritual self.  Upon moving to California from the east coast with her husband in June of 2016, Niki realized she had an amazing opportunity to take her two passions, teaching and yoga, and pursue a yoga teacher training.  She decided to take a break from a 9-year career of being a full-time elementary school teacher, to immerse herself into her yoga practice. Niki completed her 200-hour training through Yoga Alliance in 2016 at Peace Love and Yoga in Carlsbad.  She also became certified to teach children yoga through Next Generation Yoga in early 2017. 


Daisy Pavlovics
Daisy is an acrobatic dance instructor as well as a Yoga instructor and the director of the Aerial Silks program at Vital. Daisy's yoga journey began 5 years ago, drawn to the unique flow of movement in yoga. It wasn't until later that Daisy found breath, her prana, and began to discover that yoga could help her turn inward and ease the mental and emotional weight of a lifetime of anxiety. Since then, she's never looked back. Daisy stumbled into silks looking for a new adventure. Instantly, she fell in love. Silks allows her to constantly explore and deepen her flexibility, strength, and confidence. She finds endless joy in seeing new aerial students surprise themselves as they progress and perform skills they never thought they’d be doing. Teaching is her heart's calling; she considers movement and breath to be an art that goes beyond the physical body and allows us to explore a space within ourselves as we release judgments and expectations, breaking boundaries and limitations.


Andrea Morales
Andrea has been practicing various styles of yoga for about 9 years. She loves teaching yoga and helping people improve their lifestyle to keep a healthy body and mind. Andrea accomplished her 200 hour teacher training at The Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas in 2015. Shortly after she completed her 300 hour teacher training at The Association for Yoga and Meditation in India. She has also fulfilled part 1 & 2 of the Warriors at Ease training, where she learned to teach trauma sensitive meditation for veterans and the active military community. Apart from her certifications she has spent several months living in ashrams, and has been to India several times to study yoga. Andrea is a forever student at heart working to progress her personal practice and loves to share what she has learned along the way. Her classes are tailored to her students needs, whether that's slow and stretchy, strong and fast paced, or anywhere in between.


Savannah Ingold
Savannah Ingold is a native California girl. Born and raised in the mountains, Savannah always had a love for the outdoors and athletics. Competing in sports all throughout high school, Savannah fell in love with the feeling that working out gave her. After high school she continued running, and began doing yoga as a form of injury prevention. Shortly after she began her practice, Savannah knew yoga was going to be a big part of her life, and so in 2013 she received her 200 hour certification, and has been teaching ever since. She loves not only the physical benefits of yoga, but she loves the metal clarity and sense of peace that yoga gave her. Since that time, Savannah learned that she loved making people feel good about themselves, and so she attained her personal training certification in 2016. Since then , she has added a few more certifications, and continues to enjoy sharing yoga and fitness to those around her.

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Kate Faschan
Kate found her way to yoga through her foundations as an endurance athlete. After logging miles and miles for ultra marathon training runs and full days spent cycling, she found her body tight and toes far away. Her first three yoga instructors turned her away, as they weren't sure how to guide her with such limited flexibility and experienced instructors were hard to find in her small town. Kate then committed herself to a home practice, and was inspired to pursue Hatha teacher training in 2005 with to ensure all bodies can experience yoga, it's a matter of finding the best way to guide each person in the manner that speaks to the individual. Her classes focus on clear cues, guiding the alignment of each pose, and the art and beauty of the transitions between them to make yoga accessible to all practitioners. She has since led students all over the world, from quirky Tucson, to small village towns in Africa to empower youth and women through connection and movement, all the way to military personnel in Cuba to bring mindfulness and community to our armed forces.