Our Clinics are a great stepping stone into the world of rock climbing. Once a strong foundation is established there's no limit to what can be achieved. 

Click on the clinic dates to sign up online! Please note that these clinics are for the Bellingham, Washington location. 



  • INTRO TO BOULDERING - Bouldering 101 is an introduction to bouldering at our gym - perfect for those who have never climbed before or are very new to climbing. This clinic will cover gym safety and etiquette, introduce you to how to read a route, familiarize you with different types of walls and holds, and some basic techniques to get you up and down the walls. This Clinic is free for members or with the purchase of a Day Pass.


  • BASIC BOULDERING TECHNIQUE - Bouldering 102 is an introduction to efficient climbing movement - perfect for someone who has climbed a few times and knows how routes work and basic gym safety. This clinic will give you a solid foundation in the basic techiques, allowing to move you up the wall with more efficiency.


  • ADVANCED BOULDERING TECHNIQUE - Bouldering 201 is an introduction to advanced climbing techniques - perfect for someone who has been climbing for a few months, is climbing 'orange' routes and is looking to advance to 'red'. This clinic will cover advanced movement & footwork, static vs. dynamic climbing techniques, and projecting tips.


  • ROTATING THEMES - Bouldering 202 dives deeper into advanced climbing themes - one specific movement or training element at a time.


  • INTRO FOR CHILDREN - Our Kids Clinic is the perfect way to introduce kids to climbing at our gym! An instructor will introduce important gym safety, teach how to read a route, introduce different types of walls and holds, and give tips to make it up and down the walls! Kids will be challenged and will leave the clinic with a sense of accomplishment and pride. Parents may accompany their children.


  • INTRO FOR OLDER KIDS - Drop in for a practice with the Youth Team! Kids become familiar with gym safety and how to read a route as they participate in our recreational team activities, guided by two expert coaches. Please email BellinghamCrew@vitalclimbinggym.com to set up a drop-in day.


  • 1 HOUR LESSON - You will work one-on-one with a climbing coach on your specific climbing needs! Please email BellinghamCrew@vitalvlimbinggym.com to set up private instruction.