VITAL YOGA is the perfect compliment to anyone looking to improve their climbing skills.

We offer heated and non-heated vinyasa style classes ranging from beginner level to intermediate. We even have a class focused on perfecting your handstands and inversions. A side from vinyasa classes, we also offer sculpt yoga (without weights), yin/restorative yoga, and a fun foam rolling yoga class. For more details take a look at our CLASS RATINGS. Make sure to also read through our YOGA ETIQUETTE if you are not already familiar with our studio!

We take pride in our friendly yoga community and welcome newcomers of all ability levels. Check the schedule for monthly workshops and community events. 

If you have any additional questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to denise@vitalclimbinggym.com



Free for members. $20 for non-members.

You don't need to sign up beforehand, but show up a bit before the session starts because space may be limited. 

Ages 13+ only.