Bellingham Yoga



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Sara Brooke Benjamin

Yoga is food for the soul, and medicine for the body. As with food, we each have our own yogic taste preferences. And, as with medicine, a particular yogic remedy and dose will be unique to each person and each moment. As your yoga hostess my goal is to help you find the most delicious and nourishing asanas to fuel you. I will encourage you to listen to the unique needs of your own body and to be courageous enough to take care of yourself. 


Melanie Aceves

I love to share my passion for yoga. I started dancing when I was 3 years old, and since then have learned various styles of dance including tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, modern, belly dance, cumbia, salsa, bachata, pole dance, and dance therapy. I was introduced to yoga by a dance instructor 6 years ago and vowed to keep yoga in my life forever. Yoga has so much to offer for the body, mind, and soul. Nothing would please me more than to share my passion for yoga with you. 



Molly Benjamin

I have noticed the stressful effects of a busy modern lifestyle and have found that taking plenty of time to slow down is the best antidote. My intention is to bring more softness, sweetness and ease into the experience of doing yoga and to create a safe and comforting space where everyone can relax into their bodies knowing that everything is going to be alright. My exploration of the healing arts has caused me to gravitate towards a gentler, restorative, yin style approach to vinyasa yoga.  I offer a "free flow" yoga practice set to music  where students can explore the movement of their bodies and breath within an asana sequence


Celina Meza

Yoga and climbing are the peanut butter and jelly in the sandwich of my life. I began practicing yoga as a teen, then went on to complete my teacher training in 2011. My practice has always been an opportunity to slow down, check in with my body and mind, and get grounded. When I started bouldering yoga took on a whole new function—to keep my body balanced and uninjured to sustain my climbing! With this experience, I gear my classes towards climbers. In a medium pace flow we’ll work on releasing tension in overworked muscles and building up antagonistic strength. I place value in form over depth, and encourage modifications and props to make the practice your own.