VITAL YOGA is an excellent way to improve flexibility and overall fitness. Yoga is a great compliment to climbing, and vice versa, which is why yoga classes are included in our memberships. We offer a variety of hour long classes in styles accessible to all skill levels. See class descriptions below. 

If you have any additional questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to ChristineKegel@vitalclimbinggym.com



Free for members. $17 day pass (good for one Yoga class and climbing on the date purchased) for non-members.


Please show up 15 minutes before class start time to check-in. 

First time students please fill out our online waiver before hand.



Slow & Steady
This accessible class is a great starting point for your yoga practice and complement to other more vigorous activities. We’ve slowed down the pace a bit to allow more emphasis on proper alignment and adequate breathing. Longer posture holds will work on flexibility and static strength. All levels welcome.

A moderate vinyasa flow class, linking breath with movement at a more vigorous pace. We will build heat in the body to open key muscle groups and build strength. All levels welcome.  

This class combines longer holds and use of props to help release lactic acid build up and scar tissue in the muscles. Similar to a deep tissue massage, this class promises to elongate your muscles and help release any aches and pains. Perfect for any athlete! All levels welcome.

This class is great for anyone looking to deepen their awareness and connectivity in each pose.  Learn proper alignment, build strength and challenge yourself to stay fully present, body and mind. All Levels Welcome

A higher intensity vinyasa class set at an athletic pace offering more intermediate posture variations, options for arm balances and inversions. Be prepared to have fun and try something new. Knowledge of yoga basics is recommended.

Advanced Power
A fast-paced Power Vinyasa class with a vigorous flow, core and strength training drills, as well as options for more advanced posture variations. Each month we'll explore a new advanced pose with the opportunity to build your practice over the four weeks. Knowledge of yoga basics is required. No registration required, however, the number of students will be capped at 18 per class.

Acro Yoga
This class is great for anyone interested in acro play and would like some guidance to grow their practice. Geared towards beginners and intermediates, we will cover basic poses, transition, skills, and flows in groups based on your experience. Warm-up and cool down will be done together. All levels will have some endurance/conditioning element offered. Class will finish with a brief thai massage for an assisted savasana. No experience or partner necessary! All Levels Welcome

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